A unique occasion

At the meeting of Insula Vecta Council No.175 on Friday 7 th April at the Masonic Hall, Ryde, the normal regular meeting, experienced something that is not normally seen at a meeting.  

The Council introduced two Candidates into the Order, Comp Christopher Jarman and Comp. Digby Ralph Woods, both residents on the Isle of Wight. The Ceremony was conducted by Ill. Comp. Adrian Bolton, the T.I.M., with Ill. Comp. Phil Thorne giving the Lecture.


Comp. Digby was previously the Provincial Grand Master of the Craft in the Province of Berkshire.  Our District Grand Master R Ill. Com. George Deacon invited the District Grand Master of Oxford Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, R.Ill. Comp. Nicholas Murzell to the meeting and with the permission of the members of Insula Vecta, R.Ill. Comp. George acted as the Principal Conductor of Work for the Royal Master Degree and instructed Comp. Christopher Jarman through the ceremony, and then the Council invited R Ill. Comp. Nicholas to take that Office and conduct Comp. Digby Woods through the ceremony. The Lecture was given by Ill. Comp. Phil Beeney.

Two excellent ceremonies which thrilled the large number of Companions present.  R Ill. Companion Nicholas brought with him a number of Companions from his own District and ten members of our own District crossed the Solent and accompanied our own District Grand Master.

With the members of Insula Vecta over 30 Companions were present and then repaired to an excellent Festive Board for which the Caterers are well known for.

© 2013 District Grand Council of Dorset, Hampshire & Isle of Wight